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trohpiq  Rural  Elective  experiences


TROHPIQ has teamed up with UQ Rural Clinical School to provide students with an opportunity to experience regional and rural Queensland, gain fantastic hands-on learning experiences, and meet some awe-inspiring rural practitioners. Students can choose to complete an observership in a rural location, and receive a scholarship to help support them during their placement. This has been made possible by the generosity of TROHPIQ's sponsors, Health Workforce Queensland and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine. 

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What is TREES?

The TREES program is essentially a full-time clinical placement, organised by your rural site, for the two weeks of 27/11 - 8/12. All sites will offer either a GP, hospital or mixed placement, with you having the opportunity to participate in the clinical environment as a medical student (the level of independence will vary by site, but you will be operating as a member of the clinical team, gaining experience, observing and performing skills at a level you are comfortable with and appropriately supervised to complete). This may also involve workshops (e.g. advanced neonatal resuscitation courses), organised skills sessions (e.g. venepuncture, plastering, airway etc.) and other community-based activities, depending on your location and their set-up, but will largely replicate the nature of your clinical placements in later years of medical school.

Where Can I go on TREES?

The potential locations vary from year to year, and are finalised once we have our student selections. These comprise hospital sites (e.g. Roma, Charleville, Kingaroy, Yeppoon, etc.), multipurpose health services (e.g. Theodore, Kilcoy, Goondiwindi, etc.), and medical centres (e.g. Beaudesert, Boonah, Miles, etc.). Students selected for TREES will have the opportunity to preference the available sites and we will then allocate locations based on this.

Whats provided on TREEs?

The TREES program provides:

  1. A rural placement from the 27th November to 8th December 2023, with location and accommodation organised by the UQ Rural Clinical School team

  2. Location-based bursaries for all students; the amount dependent on travel and accommodation considerations.

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How do I appLy for TREES



Applicants will be selected based on:

  1. Interest in rural and remote health (past, present and future)

  2. Previous involvement with TROHPIQ/rural communities

Priority is given to domestic students; however, international students are encouraged to apply. OCHSNER students are unable to apply unfortunately.

Important Dates:

  • Applications close: 1st August, 5pm

  • Offers of placement: by 14th August

  • Deadline for acceptance: 18th August

  • Second round offers (if applicable) will take place after this date

​Accepted applicants will be sent a form to rank their preferred observership locations.

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