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National rural health
student network

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The National Rural Health Students’ Network (NRHSN)  is the national student body which represents health students from all disciplines with an interest in rural, remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  health issues. Its purpose is to encourage and maintain a sustainable rural health workforce and improve health outcomes for rural and remote Australians.

Formed in 1996, the NRHSN comprises 28 rural health clubs at universities spread through every State and Territory, and has more than 9000 members.The NRHSN exists to provide access to support, opportunities and information which promotes equality and future health careers.  The Network does this through locally based activities at rural health clubs as well as a national approach to issues such as Indigenous health and curricula. The NRHSN is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) and is auspiced by Rural Health Workforce Australia.

What does the NRHSN do for YOU?

  • If you are a member of TROHPIQ, congratulations!  You are instantly a NRHSN member as well!

  • Help you create a network of students and contacts from all around Australia with similar  interests  in rural and remote health. Rural health is NOT done alone!

  • Inform you of scholarships that can assist you with study or living expenses, or rural placements.

  • Represent your viewpoints on current issues affecting students and the health workforce to key organisations and politicians

  • Advocate for what you need in your course curriculum and from your university to create a positive environment and make you a better health professional

  • Expand your awareness of the problems faced by Australians living in rural and remote areas as well as introduce you to innovative health projects already in motion

  • Develop your skills in leadership, collaboration, communication and organisation

  • Offers alumni opportunities for continued connection after graduation

Visit their website for more information on your national rural health association!


Health Workforce Queensland

Health Workforce Queensland is a not for profit, non-Government Rural Workforce Agency for primary health workforce in Queensland, focused on making sure remote, rural, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities have access to highly skilled health professionals when and where they need them, now and into the future.


Our Future Workforce team acts as a bridge between university health students, student bodies and Queensland rural communities through our unique rural programs and activities to create structured pathways into rural healthcare employment. By extending a hand back, we, and those we work with, shine a light on the path forward for aspiring health professionals to influence, and be part of, the changing landscape of rural practice.

To find out more about Health Workforce Queensland and initiatives for students, please visit the website or follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Queensland Rural
Generalist Pathway


The Rural Generalist Pathway (RGP), a Queensland Health funded initiative, is a fully supported, incentive based career pathway for junior doctors wishing to pursue a vocationally registered medical career in rural and remote Queensland. Rural Generalist Medicine has been recognised in Queensland as a medical specialty since May 2008. A Rural Generalist is defined as a rural medical practitioner who is credentialed to serve in:

  • hospital and community-based primary medical practice

  • hospital-based secondary medical practice, without supervision by a medical specialist in at least one specialist medical discipline (commonly, but not limited to obstetrics, anaesthetics and surgery)

  • hospital and community-based public health practice.

Application to join the Rural Generalist Pathway is primarily made by final year medical students via the Undergraduate entry process.  Further information and contacts regarding the RGP can be found at:

Heart of Australia


Living in a developed country like Australia does not always mean every person has the same access to life-saving healthcare.

Heart of Australia’s mission is to provide better access to specialist healthcare for country Australians, so that they too have an equal chance at living a long and healthy life.

The program delivers both the medical specialists and their equipment to over 40 rural and remote communities across Queensland onboard their fit-for-purpose, mobile clinics – the Heart Trucks. The trucks are equipped to deliver a full suite of specialties and diagnostics, including cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, respiratory and radiology.

Since they began bringing these services to the doorsteps of rural and remote communities in 2014, the program has seen over 15,000 patients, saved 600 lives, and saved patients over 33 million kilometres in travel for specialist appointments.


Are you interested in a career in rural medicine? Look no further than the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM). Accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC), ACRRM is a general practice college which provides training, certification, and professional development for rural general practice. As the only College in Australia dedicated to rural and remote medicine, we play an important role in supporting junior doctors and medical students considering a career as a Rural Generalist. We are committed to delivering sustainable, high-quality health services to rural, remote, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities by providing: 

  • A Fellowship Training Program where you specialise in rural from day one 

  • Regional and accessible support 

  • National and regional advocacy programs. 


ACRRM Membership is free for students. When you join the College as a student member, you are joining a national network of adventurous and visionary RGs. who have one thing in common - a desire to See More, Do More and Be More. 

To find out more about ACRRM and how we support students, please visit our website or follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn 

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Royal Australian College of 
General Practitioners

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The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is the leading advocate for General Practitioners (GPs) across urban and rural Australia. For over 60 years, we have set the standards for education and practice while championing improved health and well-being for all Australians.


We nurture a resilient GP profession, offering continuous professional development opportunities to medical students, trainees, and seasoned GPs alike. We develop guidelines and resources to support GPs in delivering top-tier healthcare and addressing practice-specific challenges. We connect GPs serving communities in every corner of Australia.


Our unwavering commitment to advancing rural healthcare is woven into our comprehensive general practice training curriculum. We prepare all GPs to excel in rural environments, regardless of location. With a robust rural faculty boasting 22,000+ members, we represent four out of every five rural GPs nationally. Drawing from years of experience in rural generalist training, we launched the updated Rural Generalist Fellowship in 2022, featuring an enriched curriculum to empower the next generation of healthcare professionals.


Australia's GPs handle over two million patient interactions weekly, offering support throughout each of life's stages. Patient-centred care is at the heart of every Australian general practice, and at the heart of everything we do.

Fraser Coast Regional Council


The Fraser Coast region covers an area of 7,125 km2 - from the Gunalda Range in the south, past Howard on the Bruce Highway to the north, east to Fraser Island and west to near Biggenden and has a population of more than 96,000 residents. The elected council is made up of ten Councillors each representing one division of the Fraser Coast and the Mayor.

The Fraser Coast is a mix of stunning landscapes, islands, cities and towns. From Fraser Island - the world's largest sand island to the heritage streetscapes of Maryborough; from the rich farmlands of Tiaro, to the sheltered waters of Hervey Bay, one of Australia's most popular beach destinations, from old mining villages to peaceful seaside retreats set on the shoreline of the Great Sandy Strait. The Fraser Coast sits within the Great Sandy Biosphere, which is part of a world network of Biosphere Reserves.

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